Conditions of a healthy pregnancy

Pregnant belly with donut and coffee

Choosing to add to your family is a big decision, full of excitement, joy, fear. You name it, it’s a valid feeling. When you find out that you are expecting you want to do what is best for your baby from that moment on. If you are someone who has been struggling to conceive it can be even more defeating because you are wanting to do what is best for your future baby. But what if I told you that a healthy baby starts long before you conceive. Would you believe me?


Years ago, the need for fertility clinics and procedures such as IVF were not a prevalent as they are now. Most likely, it is something you never thought about because we all know at least one person who has been through that journey, it is common.  However, it really shouldn’t be that common but as our molecular bodies have changed, we are changing the way our bodies biologically function.


Picture the health of your new baby in two categories, constitution (not like the US Constitution LOL) and condition. Constitution is determined before birth where we take on characterizations of our parents and grandparents. Simply put our constitution are our genetics.  We all understand how genetics play a part in our lives, but what if less obvious factors that affect our baby in the womb. These are called conditions.


Conditions are acquired after birth and are easy to change. These conditions affect our lifestyle, and habits after we are born.  If you are thinking about adding to your family, consider certain factors that will have an impact on your new baby.  These conditions directly affect the sperm and can be passed on to baby.


Whole Foods Diet

Eating a whole food diet can help your baby have a pallet for healthier foods.


Root Vegetables

These types of veggies help baby feel grounded to the earth. It sounds crazy but you really are what you eat!


Excess animal foods

Consuming an excess of animal foods can pass on good fats but also issues like high cholesterol and other meat heavy illnesses.



This is probably obvious but if mom and dad are smokers the chance of the child taking up the habit is greater.



Consuming a significant of alcohol is like the consequences of smoking. Limit alcohol prior to conception and avoiding alcohol completely is recommended during pregnancy.


Excess flour products

Flour products are in almost every packaged food. Processed flour can seriously affect gut flora which can transferred to baby. If mom has bad gut flora, the probability that baby will have gut issues in life increases. Choosing whole grain options and steering away from processed flour will give baby a better chance at a healthier gut.


Excess nuts

Nuts are a healthy snack but again we are what we eat, and they can make us and baby feel a bit nutty at times. My best advice is to eat them in moderation.


Excess sugar

Sugar is in EVERYTHING! Eliminating sugar completely would be a difficult task for most. Cutting back on processed foods or foods with a lot of sugar is a great way to curb cravings for your baby.



We drink coffee, energy drinks etc. to get us going. Too much caffeine can possibly give baby the jitters like it does adults. My feeling is that too much caffeine could negatively affect babies who are more prone to ADHD, anxiety, or similar medical diagnoses.