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The Great Resignation is making it harder to hire quality team members. You demand great talent and it essential to keep employees that are happy. Providing your team access to health coaching services makes your company stand out from the rest.  It shows dedication to your employees, their health and emphasis on a work-life balance. Creating a wellness based culture is a cost effective way to improve the morale of your team.

Rising Cost of Healthcare

Health insurance costs continue to rise. Global rates of chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity are increasing annually.  The current healthcare system is unsustainable and most Americans are not able to save for these small emergencies. Working with a health coach will help your employees take responsibility for their own health. In return your organization will see increased engagement and productivity.

Corporate Wellness

My mission is to help companies grow by helping the hard-working men and women feel less stressed and more energized to fulfill their professional goals and responsibilities. As your team grows adding a corporate wellness resource is an additional way to amplify your company culture. Digitally or in person you are able to maximize how your company operates by having employees that are excited to come to work each and every day. 

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Meet Ashly Bright Founder of Bright Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?
Is it Right for Me?

A holistic health coach is a mentor, guide and wellness expert to help others feel there best. Health coaches address wellness from all angles of a person’s life that could impact their well-being.  It really is more than just what you eat!

When you work with a health coach you won’t receive custom diet plans or a dedicated workout routine. What you receive is so much more, a mentor who will help you integrate change in your life. Health coaching is for those who want to make a change in how they feel and their outlook on life.



"Ashly was a huge help getting my health back on track after having two babies back to back. I still do coaching with her to this day in order to keep myself in check, and I will forever recommend her services!"

- Tinsley P.

So grateful for her attention to details and the weekly checkins kept me from losing my way and was gorgeous accountability, meeting me exactly where I was.

- Kim H.

Ashly helped me really shift my thinking around my lifestyle habits and make real change! She’s a fantastic coach, knowledgeable, insightful and authentic. Working with her was a great choice, highly recommend.
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